We invite you to be a part of Franchise Appreciation Day (F.A.D).

The objective of F.A.D is to create awareness to increase customers knowledge of the importance of using social media networks and location-based services to connect with, and continue to support local franchises. Customers will receive discounts and giveaways to enjoy a day in support of their favorite franchises. Franchisors will show appreciation to the customers that supports their business year-round.

When: Saturday August 31st, 2013 (Labor Day Weekend)

How does it work?
(What will happen on Franchise Appreciation Day)

Consumers will use any social media or location based services to "check-in" at your location(s) to unlock exclusive specials on Franchise Appreciation Day - Saturday August 31st, 2013.

What Participating Franchisees needs to do?

  • Complete the SIGN-UP form on the right (To let us know your franchise will be participating)
  • Inform your customers of your involvement of showing your appreciation for their support
  • Click to download the I SUPPORT Franchise Appreciation Day Badge. Add it to your website, blog and social media.
  • Placement of F.A.D in-store displays at locations (Buzz Badges; Window Stickers, Counter tops & Buttons) Get your official Buzz Badges here

    Franchise Appreciation Day in-store display options
    A) Download PDF Files:
    1) Click here Counter Top (Size: 8.5x11 inches)
    2) Click here Door Clings/Stickers (Size: 5x7 inches)

    B) Order High Quality Displays; Click here
  • Follow the instructions below or contact us if you need help setting up a specific deal on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp or Google Places.

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