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Did you know that the number of jobs filled within and because of franchised business are over 17 Million? Did you also know that franchised businesses account for 14% of the private sector employment and over $700 billion in payroll? With that in mind, we want to invite you to be a key partner of Franchise Appreciation Day. It is an initiative being recognized on Saturday August 31st, 2013 (Labor Day Weekend).

I am Andre Kay, CEO of Sociallybuzz- the company behind Franchise Appreciation Day. The objective of F.A.D is to create awareness to increase customers knowledge of the importance of using social media networks and location-based services to connect with, and continue to support local franchises. Customers will be able to enjoy a day in support of their favorite franchises by receiving discounts, giveaways, etc, and franchisors will be able to show appreciation to the customers that support their business year-round.

We hope you will consider being a partner and support Franchise Appreciation Day. Millions of consumers in hundreds of cities across the country will be experiencing and taking part in Franchise Appreciation Day. In addition to being a supporter of Franchise Appreciation Day, there are also many special "perks" associated with becoming a F.A.D partner.

Please complete the form for additional information and/or to start the process of becoming an official partner of Franchise Appreciation Day.

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